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  • newBlog: Amphan tragedy needs more attention

    - 5 hours ago 26 May 20, 2:07pm -
  • newTimes Top10: Who decides how you fly?

    - 5 hours ago 26 May 20, 2:05pm -
  • newHow we can use AI in fight against Covid-19

    - 3 hours ago 26 May 20, 12:02pm -
  • newUnion minister Gowda skips quarantine in B'luru
    D V Sadananda Gowda, who flew from Delhi to Bengaluru on Monday, courted controversy by not going into quarantine as mandated by the Karnataka government.
    - 2 hours ago 26 May 20, 11:16am -
  • newFirst test launch of Virgin Orbit rocket fails
    The first test launch of a rocket that is released from a jumbo jet at 35,000 feet and then propels itself into orbit to deploy a satellite failed on Monday, the Virgin Orbit company said. The plane released the rocket cleanly, but the latter developed trouble of unknown origin after igniting its first-stage engine, the company said.
    - 2 hours ago 26 May 20, 10:51am -
  • newUP: Migrants account for 60% of active Covid cases
    Uttar Pradesh's Covid-19 cases crossed the 6,500-mark, with 229 fresh cases being reported in the past 24 hours. The state also recorded eight deaths, taking the total number of Covid-19 casualties to 169. ​As per the state government's report, samples of 54,849 people who have come from other states have been collected on the basis of Asha workers' screening. Out of them 1,663 have been found positive.
    - 1 hour ago 26 May 20, 10:12am -
  • newBJP MPs 'attend' Taiwan event, irk China
    Asking India to refrain from interfering in its "internal" affairs, the Chinese have taken umbrage at BJP MPs Meenakshi Lekhi and Rahul Kaswan's "virtual participation" in the swearing-in ceremony of Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen on Wednesday. Even as the Indian government did not take part in the event officially, presence of the two MPs had irked Chinese authorities.
    - 39 mins ago 26 May 20, 9:34am -
  • newCovid: ICMR sits on proposal to try arthritis drug
    The affordable and time-tested anti-inflammatory arthritis drug has the potential to prevent thousands of deaths due to Covid-19. Indomethacin has been used to prevent cytokine storm - an abnormal immune reaction that kills Covid-19 patients - in people with other health conditions. The drug costs Rs 5 a capsule, while Tocilizumab, a drug now used to treat cytokine storm, costs Rs 60,000 per dose.
    - 23 mins ago 26 May 20, 8:33am -
  • newChina to evacuate citizens from India

    - 29 mins ago 26 May 20, 8:27am -
  • newLast-minute cancellations cause chaos as air travel resumes
    Domestic air travel had a bumpy take-off on its comeback on Monday after two months of being grounded, thanks to an already sanitised first-day schedule being almost halved at short notice to leave hundreds of stranded flyers marooned again in a mess of last-minute coordination between the civilian aviation ministry and states.
    - 1 hour ago 26 May 20, 7:32am -
  • newAs migrants go home, ICMR ramps up testing
    Taking cognisance of the expected surge in Covid-19 cases due to influx of migrant workers in states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal and Odisha, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) is working to scale up testing facilities and capacities. Testing capacity - already increased to 1.4 lakh samples per day - is now being further raised to 2 lakh samples per day, the council said.
    - 2 hours ago 26 May 20, 6:41am -
  • newIndia-China standoff: Talks seen as only way out
    The immediate provocation for the PLA incursions 1-3 km into Indian territory this time was to object against the construction of small feeder link roads in certain 'finger areas' (mountainous spurs). Some analysts have read the Chinese moves in the context of India's recent decisions to scrutinise Chinese investments and may be a warning not to be proactive in supporting calls for an investigation into the origin of coronavirus.
    - 3 hours ago 26 May 20, 6:24am -
  • newBJP to hold 1000 e-meetings on Modi-2 govt anniv

    - 3 hours ago 26 May 20, 6:15am -
  • newGovt body for uniformity in boards evaluation likely
    The HRD ministry is ready with a proposal to set up a National Assessment Centre (NAC) as an overarching body to get various school boards to set uniform standards for examination pattern and evaluation for Classes 10 and 12. NAC will advise school boards regarding new assessment patterns, promote collaborations between school boards, and sharing of best practices among them. It will prevent inflation of marks.
    - 4 hours ago 26 May 20, 5:17am -
  • newWHO warns of '2nd peak' where Covid declining
    Countries where coronavirus infections are declining could still face an "immediate second peak" if they let up too soon on measures to halt the outbreak, the WHO said.The world is still in the middle of the first wave of the coronavirus outbreak, WHO emergencies head Dr Mike Ryan told an online briefing.
    - 4 hours ago 26 May 20, 4:57am -
  • newCovid: WHO suspends hydroxychloroquine trial
    The World Health Organization said Monday that it had "temporarily" suspended clinical trials of hydroxychloriquine as a potential treatment for COVID-19 being carried out across a range of countries as a precautionary measure.
    - 5 hours ago 26 May 20, 3:55am -
  • newAs floods arrive, Assam sets homecoming cut-off
    Assam government wants to wrap up the process of receiving the home-bound people of the state from outside and of their subsequent quarantine by June 30 so that from July it can shift its entire focus on managing the floods, which has already affected over than 30,000 people and displaced nearly 9,000 of them to relief camps.
    - 7 hours ago 26 May 20, 2:05am -
  • newGovt selects 10 Indian cos to make Desi Zoom

    - 16 hours ago 25 May 20, 4:52pm -
  • Live: India sees over 6,000 new cases, 150 deaths
    India recorded more than 6,000 new Covid-19 cases for the fourth day running on Monday, and over 150 deaths. Total number of cases in the country has now crossed 1.42 lakh. Stay with TOI for live updates.
    - 1 day ago 25 May 20, 8:23am -

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