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  • Singapore's former SICCI chief sees India as a huge market, suggests focus on SMEs now
    Singapore, Sep 16: India is a huge market and if one can leverage the potential, businesses can flourish, says an Indian-origin businessman who recently completed his term as chairman of the Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI). "We would like
    - 16 Sep 22, 4:13pm -
  • Car Stolen? Return To Invoice is here to cover its loss
    The pain of a stolen car is similar to a punch to your heart. It will need some time to heal. Luckily, a car insurance policy is here to speed up the process. It will cover all the losses when your
    - 15 Jan 20, 2:55pm -
  • Nippon Paint launches MATEX EZ Wash, a new age emulsion offering best Washability
    Karnataka, Nov 19: Nippon Paint (India) Private Limited (Decorative Division) Asia's leading paint manufacturer today launched the MATEX EZ Wash Paint - an interior emulsion catering to all the vital decorative needs of a household, particularly washability. The paint is developed
    - 21 Nov 19, 2:14pm -
  • 7 Tips to Avail a Personal Loan at a Lower Interest Rate
    A personal loan is an unsecured loan. It is the reason behind personal loan interest rates being higher than other loan interest rates. The interest rate charged on a personal loan depends on the personal loan eligibility criteria of the borrower.
    - 13 Jun 19, 12:49pm -
  • Switching a Home Loan to Get a Better Rate? Evaluate These 5 Points First
    After the two repo rate cuts of 0.25 basis points each in February and April 2019, you may be looking forward to more affordable home loan financing. In general, your home loan EMIs will become cheaper to the extent that your
    - 20 May 19, 5:56pm -
  • 5 Investment Moves To Make Before End Of Financial Year
    With the end of Financial Year 2018-2019 approaching, you may be looking for ways to claim deductions, save on taxes, and boost your net gains. With the deadline just a few days away, now is the time to double your efforts
    - 30 Mar 19, 10:48am -
  • How To Gain More With Investments This Year?
    The past few years have been rife with significant financial changes such as RBI's consecutive rate changes, and introduction of PMAY. And while we haven't yet recovered from these transitions, the country is preparing for another big event - the Lok
    - 28 Mar 19, 9:46am -
  • Why is Car Insurance Mandatory in India?
    The word insurance roughly paints a picture of financial protection in our mind. It helps us sail through rough times in which we need financial aid. A person secures his/her future against an unfortunate event or peril with insurance. This is
    - 27 Feb 19, 11:07am -
  • 7 Advantages of having Third Party Two-Wheeler Insurance
    A bike owner usually thinks of two-wheeler insurance as a formality. It is often perceived as an added cost instead of a financial cushion. Bikers might boast about their knowledge regarding tuning, maintaining, and beautifying their beloved two-wheelers but the same
    - 26 Feb 19, 2:30pm -
  • TCL X10 wins 8K TV award at CES 2019
    Bengaluru, January 11, 2019 : "We are committed to making lives more intelligent", said TCL Electronics' General Manager of Product Center, Shaoyong Zhang, after the TCL was honored with multiple awards at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 in Las Vegas. TCL, top
    - 11 Jan 19, 5:25pm -
  • India's Digital Initiative In Two Wheeler Insurance Sector
    Internet connected the world by enhancing the accessibility of information. In the 1980's, a computer with an active internet could send and receive messages within a few minutes. This could have traditionally taken a long time. Fast forward to a few
    - 29 Nov 18, 12:38pm -
  • How to Renew Car Insurance Policy Online in 5 Easy Steps
    Don't let your car insurance expire! Driving a car with an expired car insurance policy is a punishable offence as per The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. An expired car insurance policy is considered invalid by car insurance companies. Thus, you won't
    - 27 Nov 18, 5:00pm -
  • Now, you may have to shell out more for your car insurance, details here
    New Delhi, Oct 11: Buying a car or two-wheeler has become costlier than before. Thanks to the increase in insurance cost over the past year. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (Irdai) has introduced two new sets of rules
    - 11 Oct 18, 3:06pm -
  • How CRISIL Rating Affect Investors
    CRISIL, one of the first credit rating agencies of India, was established in 1987. Formerly known as the Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited, CRISIL uses the CRAMEL framework to rate finance companies. This comprises an assessment of six major
    - 28 Sep 18, 11:11am -
  • Yes Bank board seeks 3-month extension for Rana Kapoor from RBI; appoints search panel
    Mumbai, Sep 26: The Yes Bank board on Tuesday decided to seek at least a three-month extension for Rana Kapoor, managing director and chief executive, from Reserve Bank of India (RBI) beyond 31 January, 2019. The RBI had last week
    - 27 Sep 18, 2:03am -
  • Sensex bleeds 1,128 points, Nifty trips below 11,000; recovers later
    Mumbai, Sep 21: Indian stock markets (Sensex and Nifty) witnessed a sudden sell-off in the afternoon dealings on Friday with Sensex crashing 1,128 points and Nifty falling well below 11,000-mark while DHFL nosedived 55% following the rout in NBFCs and housing
    - 21 Sep 18, 1:56pm -
  • Small savings interest rate hiked by up to 0.4%; PPF, NSC to offer 8%
    New Delhi, Sep 20: The government has raised interest rates on small savings schemes, including NSC and PPF, by up to 0.4 per cent for the October-December quarter, in line with rising deposit rates in the banks. Interest rates for small
    - 20 Sep 18, 12:03pm -
  • BoB, Dena Bank, Vijaya Bank merger: Investors lose Rs 2.72 lakh crore in 2 days
    Mumbai, Sep 19: The government decision to merge three state-run banks came as a surprise for the three lenders but not for the investors tracking the banking sector. Stock investors became poorer by Rs 2.72 lakh crore in two days of
    - 19 Sep 18, 10:28am -
  • You Can Now Sell Your Unused Vouchers On CanSell
    It happens to all of us almost on a daily basis. We collect shopping vouchers from multiple online and offline stores everytime we shop. Also, in the process, we end up collecting so many of them that more than often we
    - 16 Aug 18, 12:57pm -
  • Selfies Are Cool, But How About Smartphones That Are As Vibrant As Fabric?
    We've come a long way. All the way back in 2003, a flippable mobile phone was introduced which housed a 0.3 pixel camera that could be turned to face the caller. Thus the first mobile device with a front-facing camera was
    - 14 Aug 18, 2:45pm -
  • Bring Home The Renault KWID: Your BIG Small Car
    It seems to be just another hatchback. Another ingenious machinery that does almost everything you expect of a car in busy, metropolitan city conditions plus the added benefits of being easier to not only drive and park, but also to live
    - 10 Aug 18, 4:51pm -
  • Smart ways to manage your home loan effectively
    With the rise in property prices, applying for a home loan is necessary to finance your dream of owning a house. However, most lenders cover only 80% of the value of the house. So, saving up for the down payment as
    - 26 Jul 18, 5:41pm -
  • How Credit Cards Have Changed the Way We Spend
    Sometimes, there are pressing financial demands or an emergency that you have to address right away. If you don't have substantial funds in your bank account at that moment, you can face a lot of difficulties. What can possibly pull you
    - 17 Jul 18, 1:38pm -
  • Rupee at 19-month low; down 30 paise against US dollar
    The rupee plunged by 30 paise to hit a 19-month low of 68.54 against the US dollar in early trade today on strong month-end dollar demand from importers and banks amid sustained foreign capital outflows. This is the rupee's lowest
    - 27 Jun 18, 11:11am -
  • A mother’s struggle to keep her newborn son’s heart beating
    Mamata is a new mother. And like all new mothers, she is happy and scared. She had spent the last few months of her life preparing to be a good mother, gathering the strength it takes to raise, love and protect
    - 29 May 18, 12:47pm -
  • With India, For India: OPPO Strengthens Its Commitment Towards Indian Cricket
    OPPO, the Selfie Expert and Leader, has never failed to take the market by storm with its innovative and stylish handsets. Apart from that, one thing that OPPO created quite a flutter with was earning the coveted sponsorship of the Indian
    - 22 May 18, 1:05pm -
  • Sensex plunges 245 points on political uncertainty in Karnataka
    The BSE benchmark Sensex tumbled over 245 points in early session on Wednesday amid uncertainty over government formation in Karnataka and sustained foreign fund outflows. The 30-share index was trading lower by 245.23 points, or 0.69%, at 35,298.71. On Tuesday,
    - 16 May 18, 11:37am -
  • Walmart buys 77% stake in Flipkart for nearly $16 Billion
    US retailer Walmart Inc on Wednesday acquired 77 per cent stake in Flipkart for about USD 16 billion in its biggest acquisition till date. The deal values the 11-year old Indian e-commerce firm at USD 20.8 billion. "India is one
    - 9 May 18, 5:42pm -
  • “Godavari Silver Jubilee Location in Houston”
    The World's Best & Fastest growing restaurant chain "Godavari" is now opening their 25th location in Houston, TX this weekend of April 28, 2018. As the World knows that "Godavari" was started by young and amazing Entrepreneurs just 35 months
    - 27 Apr 18, 7:35pm -
  • India signs loan agreement with World Bank for US$ 125 million for 'Innovate in India' project
    Loan Agreement for IBRD credit of US$ 125 (equivalent) for the Innovate in India for Inclusiveness Project was signed with the World Bank on 24th April 2018 in New Delhi. The agreement was signed by Sameer Kumar Khare, Joint Secretary,
    - 25 Apr 18, 1:58pm -

TV 9 News

iSmart News : ఆదమరిస్తే అంతే .. ATM చోరీల్లో కొత్త టెక్నిక్ | వంకర్ దాదా ఎంబీబీఎస్ - TV9

- 15 hours ago 24 Jul 24, 2:55pm -
iSmart News : వంకర్ దాదా ఎంబీబీఎస్ - TV9

- 16 hours ago 24 Jul 24, 2:48pm -
iSmart News : హస్పిటల్ బోనాల సంబురాలు.. పేషెంట్ల ఎదురు చూపులు - TV9

- 16 hours ago 24 Jul 24, 2:44pm -
iSmart News : ఆదమరిస్తే అంతే .. ATM చోరీల్లో కొత్త టెక్నిక్ - TV9

- 16 hours ago 24 Jul 24, 2:43pm -
iSmart News : గోదారి ఎటకారంతో వరద చాటింపు - TV9

- 16 hours ago 24 Jul 24, 2:43pm -
iSmart News : కార్ డోర్ లాక్ చేసుకోని పరేషాన్ చేసిన బుడ్డోడు - TV9

- 16 hours ago 24 Jul 24, 2:42pm -
iSmart News : పారలు పట్టి గుంతలు పూడుస్తున్న ముంబై పోలీసులు - TV9

- 16 hours ago 24 Jul 24, 2:42pm -
iSmart News : రోడ్డు మీద బురద పండుగ - TV9

- 16 hours ago 24 Jul 24, 2:41pm -
iSmart News : వంకర్ దాదా ఎంబీబీఎస్ - TV9

- 16 hours ago 24 Jul 24, 2:41pm -
iSmart News : తమ్ముని మైనం బొమ్మ చేయించిన అక్క - TV9

- 16 hours ago 24 Jul 24, 2:40pm -
iSmart News : జలపాతం మనల్ని పరిశోధిస్తుంది గిబ్స్ - TV9

- 16 hours ago 24 Jul 24, 2:40pm -
iSmart News : జలపాతం మనల్ని పరిశోధిస్తుంది గిబ్స్ - TV9

- 16 hours ago 24 Jul 24, 2:40pm -

Prajashakti - ముఖ్యాంశాలు

Prajashakti - తెలుగు నేల

Prajashakti - సినీ ప్రపంచం

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LIVE : ఆస్కార్ లెవెల్ లో జగన్..! | Top Story Debate with Sambsiva Rao | YS Jagan | TV5 News

- 3 hours ago 25 Jul 24, 3:48am -
ఢిల్లీలో జగన్ డ్రామా..! | Top Story Debate with Sambsiva Rao | YS Jagan | TV5 News

- 8 hours ago 24 Jul 24, 10:30pm -
ప్రజలు కాండ్రించి ఉమ్మేసిన...| Adusumilli Srinivas Rao Serious Comments On AP EX CM Jagan | Tv5 News

- 8 hours ago 24 Jul 24, 10:20pm -
YSRCP Incharge Vijayanand Birthday Celebrations in Govt School | TV5 News

- 8 hours ago 24 Jul 24, 10:10pm -
మోడీ ABCD | Big News Debate with Murthy | Union Budget 2024 | Chandrababu | TV5 News

- 8 hours ago 24 Jul 24, 10:08pm -
LIVE : మంత్రి నారాయణ ప్రెస్ మీట్.. | Minister Narayana PRESS MEET | TDP LIVE | TV5 News

- 8 hours ago 24 Jul 24, 10:04pm -
Tv5 Murthy Strong Intro | Big News Debate | Union Budget 2024 | Chandrababu | YS Jagan | TV5 News

- 8 hours ago 24 Jul 24, 9:55pm -
BJP Leader Bhanu Prakash Reddy Sensational Comments On YS Jaganmohan Reddy | Tv5 News

- 9 hours ago 24 Jul 24, 9:48pm -
అక్కడ నుండి జగన్ పారిపోలేదా | TDP Leader GV Reddy Strong Counter to YS Jaganmohan Reddy | Tv5 News

- 9 hours ago 24 Jul 24, 9:41pm -
ఉక్రోషం పట్టలేక..! | BJP Leader Paturi Nagabhushanam Fires On Jagan | TV5 News

- 10 hours ago 24 Jul 24, 8:39pm -
TDP Leader Anam Venkata Ramana Reddy Shocking Comments On YS Jaganmohan Reddy | TV5 News

- 10 hours ago 24 Jul 24, 8:27pm -
LIVE : మోడీ ABCD | Big News Debate with Murthy | Union Budget 2024 | Chandrababu | TV5 News

- 10 hours ago 24 Jul 24, 8:16pm -

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