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Paisa Bazaar

  • Unsecured Loan: Is it a viable option for Small Business?
    Thriving small businesses and start-ups can be initiated at times of economic uncertainty, as well. To start your business under your own name requires lot of research, skills, passion, confidence, fearlessness, as well as money of course. As small businesses or micro units do not require much capital to be invested at the initial stages....The post Unsecured Loan: Is it a viable option for Small Business? appeared first on Compare & Apply Loans & Credit Cards in India-
    - 41 days ago 15 Apr 20, 7:48pm -
  • Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP)
    Table of Contents : What is Systematic Withdrawal Plan? How does a Systematic Withdrawal Plan work? Benefits of SWP List of Top Performing Mutual Funds for FY 2020 A systematic withdrawal plan (SWP) is a facility which allows you to withdraw a fixed amount from your mutual fund at regular periodic intervals. The periodic intervals...The post Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) appeared first on Compare & Apply Loans & Credit Cards in India-
    - 42 days ago 14 Apr 20, 7:04pm -
  • Side Pocket: Meaning, Example & Benefits
    The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has approved the proposal to create a ‘side pocket’ for mutual funds. This feature will be exclusive to debt mutual funds. Let us look at what the new feature is and how it will work. What is a Side Pocket? A ‘side pocket’ allows fund managers to...The post Side Pocket: Meaning, Example & Benefits appeared first on Compare & Apply Loans & Credit Cards in India-
    - 42 days ago 14 Apr 20, 6:49pm -
  • Know All About Association of Mutual Funds in India – AMFI
    Table of Content: Role of AMFI in a Mutual Fund What are the Rights of AMFI AMFI Registration Number Why Should Investors Know About ARN How to Register or Renew the New ARN Online Mode Offline Mode Objectives of AMFI Members of AMFI   Association of Mutual Funds (AMFI) is a government-led organization in India...The post Know All About Association of Mutual Funds in India – AMFI appeared first on Compare & Apply Loans & Credit Cards in India-
    - 42 days ago 14 Apr 20, 12:58pm -
  • ICICI Rubyx Credit Card Review
    ICICI Rubyx Credit Card is India’s first dual platinum credit card providing exclusive benefits to you across all categories including lifestyle, dining, golf, travel, movie and a lot more. Basically you get 2 credit cards with one account- Mastercard variant and American Express variant. The card also offers PAYBACK points, giving you great discounts on retail purchases. ICICI Rubyx has a wide range of benefits that specifically targets the big spenders. Here’s our review that will help you…
    - 42 days ago 14 Apr 20, 12:11pm -
  • Best Mutual Funds to Invest for Long Term
    हिंदी में पढ़ेThe post Best Mutual Funds to Invest for Long Term appeared first on Compare & Apply Loans & Credit Cards in India-
    - 43 days ago 13 Apr 20, 3:12pm -
  • Dynamic Bond Funds
    Table of Contents : What is Dynamic Bond Fund? Why should Invest in dynamic bonds? How It Might Be Risky? Difference Between Gilt & Dynamic Bond Funds Best 5 Dynamic Bond Funds FAQs List of Top Performing Mutual Funds for FY 2019-20: Just as the name suggests, Dynamic Bond Funds are dynamic in nature, with...The post Dynamic Bond Funds appeared first on Compare & Apply Loans & Credit Cards in India-
    - 43 days ago 13 Apr 20, 2:53pm -
  • Extension of PPF Account Tenure: How and When
    Widely used as one of its kind investment instruments for tax saving and long-term growth in terms of returns generated, Public Provident Fund has become a popular choice amongst the salaried individuals. PPF scheme is a long-term investment option offering returns on the invested amount. All you should know about PPF Account A PPF account...The post Extension of PPF Account Tenure: How and When appeared first on Compare & Apply Loans & Credit Cards in India-
    - 43 days ago 13 Apr 20, 1:28pm -
  • Mutual Fund Analysis
    When it comes to investing your money, mutual funds is the most attractive option. However, since you put in your money to earn more, there are higher chances that you would be welcoming higher risk for yourself. To avoid much harm caused by fluctuations in the market, it is suggested that you analyse all the...The post Mutual Fund Analysis appeared first on Compare & Apply Loans & Credit Cards in India-
    - 43 days ago 13 Apr 20, 11:56am -
  • Best Mid Cap Mutual Funds
    हिंदी में पढ़ें Mid cap funds are mutual funds that invest majorly in companies of medium-sized capitalization. These companies rank between 100 and 250 of the SEBI’s list of classification. Table of Contents : What are Mid cap Funds? Top 5 Mid cap Funds to Invest in 2020 Advantages How to Invest in Mid Cap...The post Best Mid Cap Mutual Funds appeared first on Compare & Apply Loans & Credit Cards in India-
    - 43 days ago 13 Apr 20, 12:00am -

Nerd Wallet

  • newHotel Health Policies During COVID-19: What You Need to Know
    With many potential travelers unsure whether to travel at all during 2020, hotel brands have scrambled to introduce new cleaning and safety policies. These range from enhanced room cleaning to…
    - 11 hours ago 25 May 20, 9:30pm -
  • newDon’t Overlook These AmEx Blue Business Plus Credit Card Benefits
    is a great small business card that offers 2x Membership Rewards points on the first $50,000 of purchases each year. While this headline benefit is a great reason to get…
    - 12 hours ago 25 May 20, 9:03pm -
  • newHilton Honors Points: Sweet Spots for Redemptions
    If you’re looking to get value for your Hilton Honors points, you’ve come to the right place. While getting great redemption values often will take some legwork and research, we’re…
    - 12 hours ago 25 May 20, 8:42pm -
  • newThe Guide to Southwest’s Rapid Rewards Dining
    Want to earn easy, extra Southwest Rapid Rewards points with just a few clicks? With the Rapid Rewards Dining program, it’s simple. The average American household spends close to $3,500…
    - 12 hours ago 25 May 20, 8:34pm -
  • Alternatives to Buying a Single-Family Home
    A single-family home has plenty of upsides: privacy, space and the freedom to make as many changes as you want (within the scope of zoning regulations, of course). But the…
    - 3 days ago 23 May 20, 4:38am -
  • What Is a High-Interest Savings Account?
    High-interest savings accounts defined A high-interest savings account is a bank account that lets you deposit money at a higher-than-average return. The average savings account pays only annual percentage yield.…
    - 3 days ago 23 May 20, 2:28am -
  • You’ve Paid Off Your Student Loans. Now What?
    You’ve defeated student loan debt — congratulations! Considering the average student debt payment is about $300 a month, you might be pleasantly surprised with the new wiggle room in your…
    - 3 days ago 23 May 20, 2:22am -
  • Family Loans: How to Borrow From and Lend to Family
    Borrowing from family may seem like a low-cost option if you need money for a down payment on a home, to start a business or repay high-interest debts. But mixing…
    - 3 days ago 23 May 20, 2:17am -
  • CreditStacks Card Rebranding to Jasper, Expanding Its Target Audience
    The CreditStacks credit card — an alternative credit card aimed at international professionals moving to the U.S. for work — is getting a new name and design and will also expand…
    - 3 days ago 23 May 20, 1:23am -
  • Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Reward Optimization for Beginners
    Alaska Airlines may not be among the largest airlines in the U.S., but their Mileage Plan frequent flyer program offers plenty of value for travelers. Between the program’s generous award…
    - 3 days ago 22 May 20, 10:51pm -

Get Rich Slowly

  • Who invented the index fund? A brief (true) history of index funds
    Pop quiz! If I asked you, "Who invented the index fund?" what would your answer be? I'll bet most of you don't know and don't care. But those who do care would probably answer, "John Bogle, founder of The Vanguard Group." And that's what I would have answered too until a few weeks ago.But, it turns out, this answer is false.Yes, Bogle founded the first publicly-available index fund. And yes, Bogle is responsible for popularizing and promoting index funds as the "common sense" investment answer…
    - 4 days ago 22 May 20, 12:00am -
  • Great lessons from great women
    A decade ago, J.D. shared some great lessons from great men. He had a wealth of material to draw from: biographies of historical figures from centuries ago, classic business texts, and the earliest self-help books.If you want to compile lessons from great women, however, you don’t have the same sources, because women have not been considered “great” for much of history, and thus they’ve not been asked for their opinions on most things — certainly not financial matters! Multiply that t…
    - 16 days ago 10 May 20, 1:00pm -
  • What’s the best long-term investment?
    What's the best long-term investment? Because you're a money nerd (and a GRS reader), I hope your answer to this question was, "Stocks!" If the future is anything like the past, that's the correct answer. History has shown that stocks are the best long-term investment -- and by a wide margin.Unfortunately, most Americans believe otherwise.As a part of its annual Economy and Personal Finance survey (conducted during the first two weeks of April), Gallup News asked 1017 American adults, "Which o…
    - 22 days ago 4 May 20, 1:00pm -
  • All that glitters: Why I’m not investing in gold
    Over the past month, I've read a lot of articles about the virtues of investing in gold. Especially in Facebook forums, there's a lot of talk about how gold makes a great long-term investment. (Fortunately, I haven't seen any comments like this in the GRS community on Facebook.)Whenever the economy gets turbulent, the goldbugs come out in force. They shout from the hilltops that the world is doomed and that the only safe haven is gold. And I'll admit, their arguments can sound pretty convincing…
    - 27 days ago 29 Apr 20, 1:15am -
  • How to get started with difficult tasks
    Yesterday in the /r/financialindependence community on Reddit, /u/mkengland asked a seemingly innocent question:What made you stop planning/researching financial independence and actually start?Was there a tipping point for you where you finally felt ready to start your FI journey? What made you finally take the plunge, open that first IRA/brokerage account/etc., and throw your money into the market?[...]I'm waffling over details, though...and can't seem to just DO IT.This question seems…
    - 32 days ago 23 Apr 20, 11:50pm -
  • Which financial apps, products, and services should we review?
    Every Monday morning, Tom and I have a Zoom call to discuss the coming week's priorities for this site. For the past couple of months, we've been focused on behind-the-scenes stuff as we prepared to launch the redesign. (That, and I was working on my course for Audible.) Now that the redesign is (mostly) finished, we've begun talking about content. What sorts of articles do we want to write in coming weeks?"You know," Tom said this morning, "it wouldn't kill you to write about the financial too…
    - 35 days ago 21 Apr 20, 1:47am -
  • Please don’t adjust your dials.
    Hey, friends. Some good news!First up, I finished my "intro to FIRE" course course for Audible and turned in the manuscript. Once the script is approved, I'll head to the recording studio. Not sure about any projected release date, but we're moving along.At the same time, it looks like development on the brand-new Get Rich Slowly site design is done. Well, mostly so. There are still a handful of tweaks we'd like to make — but we'd like to do them after the new site is public. To that end, we…
    - 42 days ago 14 Apr 20, 7:12am -
  • By the numbers: First quarter 2020
    Why, hello.After nearly three weeks of hiatus, it's time to get things back to normal around this joint! Has anything happened while I was away?
    - 48 days ago 8 Apr 20, 1:11am -
  • My life philosophy: 51 lessons from 51 years
    Happy birthday to me!Today, I turn fifty-one. Holy cats, that's old! It's also a very, very strange time in this world. Kim and I had planned to celebrate by spending the weekend with my brother somewhere else in Oregon. With the coronavirus crisis in full swing, that's not going to happen. Oregonians have been ordered to stay at home with family unless absolutely necessary. So, we'll celebrate today with the dog and cats.As I do every year here at Get Rich Slowly, I'm going to commemorate my…
    - 62 days ago 25 Mar 20, 5:30pm -
  • A short list of useful coronavirus resources
    Believe it or not, the current coronavirus crisis is affecting Get Rich Slowly too. Things are slow around here. Traffic is down. Revenue is down. Production is down. Plus, I have a big deadline at the end of the month. My project for Audible and The Great Courses is due on March 31st.So, just like the rest of the world, we're going to press "pause" for a couple of weeks. I will return next Wednesday with my annual birthday article, but you'll have to scroll down to see it. I'm going to pin thi…
    - 66 days ago 20 Mar 20, 11:30pm -

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